We provide services tailored to your needs


Today’s business environment presents new risks and challenges every day. Businesses realise that they need to do business differently. Their non-core tasks are outsourced because they wish to remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

The accounting and tax office with the distinctive title Taxline was founded in 1995 and is run by Konstantinos Talantzis licensed by the Economic Chamber of Greece with a second class license and A.M.: 10735. We offer a range of professional services such as: bookkeeping, tax advice, etc. focusing and acquiring expertise in small to medium-sized enterprises.

With the highly affordable, customized and scalable financial solutions we offer our services, our businesses–customers benefit greatly in both time and financial resources, allowing them to focus on the efforts to maximise their core business activities.

The depth and breadth of the twenty-five years of experience we have gained has allowed us to develop a full range of support and every day we become recipients of the trust that many of our customers surround.
The most important reward for us.